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Southampton Market

Terms & Conditions

A market single pitch is a 3m x 3m space unless otherwise stated in advance.

Stallholders will be required to bring their own tables, displays, and gazebos where possible.

Pitch fees must be paid in advance unless you are a casual trader then the pitch fee is to be paid on the day, Permanent Traders minimum 4 weeks in advance on set date given.

Permanent Traders will be required to provide your own pop-up 3x3 gazebo, which has to be RED Top) in colour. Keeping the market uniform is a crucial part of the market appearance so please if you do not currently have this colour, let us know and we can point you in the direction of a supplier.

We do have a limited supply that we can provide one for you as you will not be permitted to trade without the correct gazebo.

Steel framed market stalls are not permitted, or any framework that will overhang or supersize your 3x3 pitch.

You must provide your own Public Liability Insurance to the value of £5m and have details for this policy on hand at all times while trading.

Stall placement will be done on a first come first served basis unless previously agreed in advance.

All traders of the Southampton market must be registered with Street Events, by fully completing and submitting the relevant application form. 

Traders shall not set aside any space at any time for any other trader.

Traders must occupy the space at all times during the trading times.

In the event of a trader being unavoidably delayed, the stall or space may be
reserved provided Street Events are notified prior to the start time of the
Street Events Sustainability Program 2022
1. Control your portion sizes. Food left on the plate often goes to landfill and generates methane as it decomposes (which is 20 times worse for the environment than CO2). Simple solution? Smaller portions.

2. Use seasonal produce. Seasonal produce is cheaper than out-of-season ingredients, tastes better and fresher, and is good for the environment. 


3. Source sustainably and ethically. Red tractor meat Check out the online Red List for details of fish under threat, then avoid them!


Look for Red Tractor signs to show that meat has lived under minimum welfare conditions and source locally produced fruit and veg to support your local independent economy.


4. Work leftovers into your menu! Whether it’s using discarded vegetable ends for stock, surplus meat for stews or vegetables for pickling, reusing leftovers is a money saver and waste-reducer.


5. Use ugly veg and less popular cuts. Ugly vegetables and fruit Get to know your suppliers so that, with their help, you can work out the best way to use their produce.


Do they have any less popular cuts of meat or ugly vegetables? You can often get high-quality flavours at a fraction of the price by accepting less than perfect looks. Plus you’ll be doing the producer a favour!


6. Get composting. Did you know that by composting unusable food waste you can capture the methane by-product and turn it into fuel?! Ask your local composter if they’ll accept your biodegradable packaging with your waste food and be prepared to provide your own composting bin at markets where the organisers aren’t able to do so.


We are looking at a local charity that may use your leftover food and food waste for compost and animal feed


7. Use the “Just in Time” method. The Just in Time production method enables you to cut down on waste by using equipment or delivering materials exactly when they are needed. 


8. Turn your waste oil into fuel. Cooking oil These days there are lots of biofuel producers who will work with you to turn your waste oil into fuel to power buses, generators, and much more.


9. Donate unusable food waste. Can you use a food waste redistribution service to donate ingredients that would otherwise go to landfill post-market?


Street events will be looking into implementing this early 2020


10. Get your appliances serviced regularly. How else will you make sure they’re working at optimum efficiency? Be ready to replace inefficient equipment too. 11. Inspire your staff. Make sure they understand the importance of your sustainable practices and set the standards you expect whether you’re there or not.

When it comes to putting changes like these into practice, incremental adjustment is best. Running a sustainable business means that you’ll constantly be looking at your methods and trying to find ways to make them more efficient, improve them, or even cut them out altogether.

What suits one business might not necessarily suit yours, so make sure you only make changes where possible and practical. Just don’t forget to tell customers, organisers, bloggers (anyone really!) what you’re doing. These days, people like this stuff.

Trader Rates:

Casual Trader - POA
Permanent Trader - POA
Catering Trader – POA

Once you have been accepted as a Permanent Trader you will be required to pay a two day deposit. This deposit will be retained, with the trader paying rent for every market week until such time as the trader wishes to give notice to terminate and forfeit their pitch. At this time there will be a two-day rent-free notice. Deposits are not refundable.

Where a licensee is absent on any market day no refund of previously paid fees will be issued – please see the cancellation policy at the end of this document for reference.

Street Events reserves the right to amend its charges and payment instructions as necessary, and will inform traders of any changes to its charges.

Use of electricity 

Electricity is available in some areas, this will be charged at £6 per day, per pitch.
All electrical equipment used by traders will have to have relevant and up-to-date pat test. 

Street Events does not supply any electrical equipment.

The use of generators is prohibited unless authorised by Street Events.

Traders shall ensure that all trailing cables are covered with anti-trip matting.

No heating apparatus or items operating with a naked flame shall be used on the
Market, except where permitted to do so by Street Events.

Sale and Storage of Goods 

The stall or space must only be used for the purpose of the buying and selling of authorised goods, except with the permission of Street Events.

Only those goods or services specified on the booking form or agreed at the time of allocation may be sold. Written approval from Street Events must be obtained before any changes are made to the agreed type of goods or services sold. 

The trader must endeavour to keep the stall or space well-stocked with goods
throughout the trading day.

The use or sale of gas or gas appliances is only permitted where proof of compliance with Gas Safe terms and conditions and any other relevant legislation is available to view on request on the day of trading.

Traders shall not abandon in the Market any goods, packages, equipment, or vehicles during or after the trading times, or after leaving the space or market.

All food sales and food trader personnel must comply with all the relevant standards and conditions of the Council’s Environmental Health Department, and all food goods must be stored in rodent-proof storage containers.


Traders selling food must as a food business and by taking a stall guarantee that they have the appropriate hygiene certification.

Sellers trading in food must send the appropriate certification to be inspected by Southampton Market prior to trading.

Sale of Alcohol

No trader may sell alcohol at the market without the explicit permission of the market directors and local city council. 

The market operates a “Challenge 21” policy in place relating to the sale of alcohol and the only ID that should be accepted is a passport, photo driving licence, PASS accredited proof of age card, or military identification card.

Traders who do not currently hold a personal licence must ensure that they are aware of the strictures of the “Challenge 21” policy and how it is to be enforced.
All traders who sell alcohol have been reminded to be vigilant for evidence of proxy sales. 


All traders selling alcohol are required to display appropriate signage indicating that it is an offence to buy or attempt to buy alcohol for a person who is under 18 and for a person under the age of 18 to buy or attempt to buy alcohol.


Goods on Sale


Please note that we may refuse bookings from traders whose goods we feel are not in keeping with the ethos of the market.

There is no exclusive right to sell a particular item or service unless agreed prior to booking; however, we the Operator will ensure and promote fair-trading wherever possible.

Each Trader is responsible for making their stall look attractive, approachable, and clean at all times to make buying from your stall a simple and pleasant experience.  Please understand that making the market look attractive and approachable is the most important thing in the future of these markets.

e or similar products are NOT permitted, legal/illegal high smoking paraphernalia is NOT permitted, Counterfeit or fake/copied goods of any description are NOT permitted and livestock of any kind is NOT permitted. Basically, anything you would not sell to a 10-year-old is probably not right for the market.

Hours of Opening

You can arrive to set up at a market from 6.00am.  ALL vehicles must be cleared before 8.45am anyone arriving after this time will not be permitted drive on to the site. Trading times will be from 9.00 am until 5.00 pm (times subject to change at the discretion of the local council and operators with at least 72hrs notice).


Vehicles are only permitted to return for break down at close of trade and not before.

All traders shall keep their allocated stall or space open for the sale of goods and services during the hours of opening. 

Street Events reserves the right to amend the opening hours, close or alter the layout of any market or close and stop the sales from any stall or space at any time without being liable for any loss sustained by the trader, directly or indirectly, if it is in the best interest of the market or the general public.

In the event of the cessation or interruption of the Market, Street Events shall not be liable for any damages, including profits, howsoever caused.

Encroachment (building out)

No space shall be altered or extended in any way without the consent of Southampton Market.

Goods and equipment shall not be displayed or deposited beyond the boundary of the stall or space unless agreed by Street Events (i.e. no overhang, no A-boards, and no flags).


Where a trader fails to comply with a request from Street Events to move goods and equipment, Street Events reserves the right to remove goods and equipment displayed or deposited beyond the boundary of the stall or space, which in the opinion of Street Events, are causing a nuisance, obstruction or hazard.

The goods shall be either placed within the boundary of the space or removed to storage, or in the case of perishable goods Street Events reserves the right to dispose of these, and for which the trader will be required to pay the appropriate storage, waste and administration fees. The trader must only conduct business from within the perimeter of the allocated stall or space.

Traders shall not erect any canopy other than one approved by Street Events. All clips and ties used to secure sheeting must be safe and suitable for the purpose.

Conduct of the Trader

Traders are responsible for their conduct and that of their employees, assistants, and
agents in relation to these terms and conditions. Contraventions of the terms and
conditions by employees, assistants, and agents may result in disciplinary action
being taken against the trader.

Traders shall at all times conduct their business in an honest, civil, and business-like manner, without causing nuisance, obstruction, or interference in any way with the general public or with the business of any other trader or retailer, and in compliance with instructions given by Street Events.

Traders shall take all reasonable steps to ensure the safety of others, and must have the appropriate risk and fire risk assessments available upon request for inspection by Street Events or an authorised officer.

Traders are responsible for ensuring that they, their employees, assistants, agents, and customers evacuate the market promptly when notified.

During the prescribed trading times, all traders shall have available to display within their stall or space all relevant permits, passes, certificates, and other legal documents.

Cleaning and Refuse Disposal

Traders must keep the allocated stall or space and its immediate surroundings, including their own facilities, in a clean and tidy condition.

Traders and all attending the Market shall not bring any items or refuse onto the site for disposal or abandonment.

Traders refuse must not be deposited in public litter bins.

At the end of the trading times, traders must remove all unsold and uncollected items and all trade equipment from the site.

Food traders shall comply with any specific requirements relating to the storage and disposal of waste and the cleaning of premises.


The use or attachment of anything likely to cause damage to Southampton Market’s site, floors, buildings, vehicles, fixtures, or fittings is strictly prohibited.

The cost of repairing or making good any damage caused by the trader, his/her employees, assistants, or agents to fixtures and fittings or other market property, shall be charged to the trader unless the trader can prove otherwise.

In adverse weather Street Events will not be held liable for any damage caused by adverse weather, if a weather warning is issued by the met office Street Events may cancel the market for the health and safety of all traders and the general public, there will be no refunds for a cancelled market due to weather.


Traders Vehicles

Trader vehicles used on the Market must be legally eligible to drive on the highways, and the driver must be legally eligible and appropriately insured.

Traders and all attending the market must comply with the specified driving restrictions and instructions.

Traders shall remove their vehicles from the public thoroughfares immediately after unloading, and 30 minutes prior to the market start time, unless otherwise authorised by Southampton Market.

All traders shall not be permitted to move their vehicles back into the public thoroughfares prior to the prescribed market closing times.

Vehicles must be loaded/unloaded immediately, and not left unattended in the public thoroughfares.


The serving of customers is prohibited whilst loading/unloading. Free parking will be made available to all trader vehicles only on display of a permit supplied by Street Events on the Market day.

Public Liability Insurance and Risk Assessment

All traders shall indemnify Street Events from all claims, damage, loss, expenses, and costs howsoever caused including, without limitation, those resulting from an explosion, fire, accident, or injury to any person or property which may arise as a result of or in connection with the occupation or use of any space by the trader. 

All traders shall maintain an insurance policy with a reputable insurer, to a minimum of £5 million covers against third party and public liability, during the term of occupancy or registration with Street Events. The trader shall confirm that this is in place upon registration and evidence provided to an authorised officer when requested. 

All traders shall maintain an insurance policy with a reputable insurer for cover against the damage and loss of their goods, fixtures, and fittings, howsoever caused, during the term of occupancy or registration with Street Events. 

All traders employing staff shall maintain an insurance policy with a reputable insurer for cover against employee liability.


All traders shall comply with the terms and conditions from time to time authorising the use of the part of the relevant Market. Failure to do so may result in termination of the authorised use/agreement under the terms and conditions applying at the relevant time. 


Failure to adhere to these terms and conditions may result in termination of registration or authorisation to trade from any stall or space and may take effect immediately.

Costs incurred by Street Events in remedying breaches of any of these Terms and conditions may be recharged to the trader responsible for the breach. Street Events & Markets reserve the right to cancel any stall at any time.

Cancellation Policy

If you should cancel your pitch for whatever reason less than 24hrs before the market day, you will forfeit 100% of your pitch fees, If more than 24hrs notice is given then 100% of your pitch fees will be carried over to the next available market


– There are no refunds for cancelled pitches.

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