Southampton Weekly Market

Terms & Conditions

The market runs every Friday 9am- 5pm and Saturday 9am-5.30pm

vehicles must be off the high-street by 8.45am and can come back on for close at 4.30pm.

we have free parking we can direct you to on the day.

It is £40 for a single 3x3m pitch Per Day. Maximum two pitches per person. 

You will be required to work within your gazebo and not build out. All stalls must look professional with you supplying your own grid walls, rails, and tables. please don't turn up with just a table and a chair for example as you wont be allowed to trade on the day.

We can not accept applications that are selling alcohol, smoking related items, knifes, counterfeit goods.


We are also at our limit with catering stalls. But please feel free to apply so we have your details on file if a space was to become available in the future.

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Above bar Street, Southampton